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about Toomey family law

Leisa Toomey is a voice of authority in the field of Family Law.

As an Accredited Family Law Specialist with the Queensland Law Society and a previous Partner and Practice Group Leader of Schultz Toomey O’Brien Lawyers, she has spent 20 years designing clear blueprints for solutions to complex family and high-value property settlements.

Her expertise, along with her pragmatic empathy, has allowed her clients to keep their focus firmly on building their futures.

our vision

Toomey Family Law believes we can help change the impacts that divorce, separation and settlements have on individuals and families. We keep our clients front-of-mind and measure our actions through thorough case management protocols. We are accountable to our Firm’s Values and our actions and outcomes represent this.

our values

Toomey Family Law is focused on driving change from the front. We understand who our clients are and we put the needs, desires and wants they hold for their future, at the centre, at all times.

We don’t steamroll with an agenda or incite unnecessary fights. We guide clients to choose their battles, manage expectations and help remove the toxicity that can delay cases, and ultimately overwhelm all involved.

Toomey Family Law provides pragmatic and comforting advice so clients know they have been heard. Our holistic advice gives perspective and provides safety through empowerment. People trust us as a pillar of knowledge and we don’t break that trust.

Through transparency, accountability and honouring the people we serve, we affirm the following values:


  • listen and empathise;
  • build relationships on trust, transparency and honesty;
  • manage expectations in an informed and sensitive way;
  • deal with colleagues in a respectful and professional manner;
  • practice with integrity to avoid conflict and stress for all involved; and
  • are reliable and trustworthy

The phases of dividing assets

Using a unique, tailored methodology, Toomey Family Law brings practical advice together with a simple, holistic and compassionate approach that minimises delays and overwhelm and maximises desired outcomes. 

Dividing marital assets is much like the 5 phases of building a house:


  • Initial consultation
  • Express concerns
  • Ask the big questions
  • Discuss desired outcomes
  • Due diligence
  • Gather the right information and check the facts
  • Collect relevant supporting documentation


  • Identify all issues
  • Flag potential problems with the situation, documentation or potential outcomes
  • Discuss contingencies
  • Educate and become prepared


  • Formulate a strategic outcome together
  • Take a holistic approach to include all necessary components
  • Create a timeline
  • Plan contingencies


  • Strategically implement the plan
  • Amend accordingly
  • Use contingencies and make changes to achieve desired outcomes


  • Finalise all outcomes with legally binding agreements and/or court orders
  • Move into your future with maximum financial and time savings

Focusing on improving outcomes, particularly in complicated cases with a high net worth, Toomey Family Law directs its resources and energies into building solutions together with clients and creating opportunities, wherever possible, for out of court settlements.

If you or your clients are looking for guidance to inform and empower your future, let Leisa share her expertise and leadership in Family Law to save you time, money and emotional resources. Start afresh with confidence and a powerful plan for progress.

Charity & Community Partnerships

Extending our reach beyond individual clients

“Working in Family Law and previously working as an Independent Children’s lawyer for 15 years, I cannot help but see the importance of supporting children, who are often at the heart of every matter. For some families and children, their experience of life isn’t easy. Whether it’s their health, feeling unsafe in their home environments or poverty, Toomey Family Law wants to ensure that no child gets left behind. Supporting local charities like these is our way of supporting that mission, right across Australia.”

– Leisa Toomey.

sunny kids logo


SunnyKids offers a social and emotional safety net for thousands of children and their families and believes that early intervention is critical. Providing emergency accommodation, counseling and health and educational support for up to 5000 at-risk children each year demands community solutions.

As a Gold Partner in 2020, Toomey Family Law is committed to being a part of a solution that sees more people take active responsibility for the future and is proud to extend its empowerment of families and young people beyond its practice walls.

Wishlist logo


Wishlist is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to fundraising for the needs of the Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service.

As a Sunshine Coast-based firm, Toomey Family Law is proud to be able to offer broader support to the local community.

Funding provided to Wishlist facilitates ground-breaking research and provides vital medical equipment and support services needed by Sunshine Coast families.

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